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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Chappy Chanukkah!

It is the first night of Chanukkah. Carlo and Alita of the Smalltown Restaurant in Fallbrook made us a beautiful dinner to take home. They are both incredibly nice people. It could not have been better.

We dined on brisket cooked in fennel and onion, latkes, sour cream, brocollini, cauliflower, apple sauce and sour cream. The beef was tender and they gave us extra au jus.

They also provided us sweet cannolis for dessert which look great but which I have not yet sampled.

Alita gave Leslie a lovely stove top potpourri full of all sorts of herbs and cinnamon to make everything smell good and open up our nasal passages to boot.

I had a very blessed day and I hope that you did as well. We wish all of our friends, Jews, gentiles and everybody else in between, the best of holidays.


I am still cleaning out my middle room. Remember the delicious 2003 cabernet sauvignon I uncovered last week? Today I found a 1981 Chateau Palmer Margaux laying on its side on an upper shelf. 

Although I am not much of a drinker I am looking forward to opening this one up too.


Our good friend Penny Fedorchak got a plug at pluggers today! Awesome Penny. You rock!

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Jack said...

I am officially somewhere in between...Chappy Channukah to you and all!