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Saturday, December 12, 2020


Kip Peterson

I drove down to Daniel's Market this morning and saw a bunch of the car guys and their metal steeds. Kip met me down there. He was sporting his new medium format Leica S and taking some shots, two of which I post here.

Obviously a wonderful, albeit very expensive camera. I am certainly impressed with it and yes, more than a little envious.  The proof is in the pudding and both the color saturation and sharpness are incredible. My goal is to get the D850 replacement next year and be one of the last dinosaurs rocking the dslr. It should have at least 60mp and for a guy like me extra megapixels are like manna from heaven. 

Not because I print large but because bird photographers without expensive 600mm f4 prime lenses often need to crop and the extra horsepower makes cropping easier and more images usable for us poor folks.

Funny thing happened down there. My friend Ray introduced me to a guy and mentioned my and Leslie's shops and the guy asked if it was true that we had recent problems with antifa and BLM. 

"Well, not exactly," I said and tried to explain that it was the other side of the political spectrum but he was having none of it and I even got a short lecture on the constitution and the need for judges who would just read the damn thing as it was written. 

"Fine," I told him. "I'm just a dumb old junk dealer and you are way too smart and way out of my pay grade."

Kip Peterson
I usually pay attention to such things but I missed a blog birthday or milestone recently, having an innate fascination for large, round, base ten numbers. 

Blog is now at 10,010 posts or was before this one anyway. Wish I had known, maybe I would have baked a cake.


Jon Harwood said...

If you are a dinosaur with a digital SLR camera, then I am a even lower on the evolutionary scale (Trilobite) with my 18 megapixel Leica rangefinder. Somehow I manage to crawl about on the sea floor enjoying the process of making pictures.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling of beginning to think you're hanging out with the wrong crowd. So sad.