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Saturday, December 12, 2020

It could be a lot worse

We can complain about the polarized state of things and the problems that we face in America but let's put things in perspective. We could live in far worse places.

A young journalist was executed in Iran this week for his social media protests. Ruhollah Zam was the son of a moderate cleric, he wanted to bring his country up to the twentieth century and he paid the ultimate price. A hero, in my book.

Also in Iran, a young girl of 19, Sahar Tabar, was sentenced to ten years in prison for putting distorted pictures of herself online. Ten years for a selfie.

In Afghanistan, journalist Malala Maiwand was murdered along with driver, ostensibly for the crime of encouraging females in journalism. Her mother was murdered for similar reasons five years ago. Horrible.

Love Jihad. In India, children of interfaith marriages are being forcibly aborted.

Kim Jong Un is so mad about the economic effects of covid in North Korea that he is ordering people in his dictatorship killed. No, things aren't nearly as bad as they could be here, are they?

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Julie Reeder said...

I agree. Journalists are threatened and killed in Tijuana just across the border.