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Friday, October 8, 2021

Four way bypass or bust

I made the mistake of watching this Manny's video and subscribing to the Travel Thirsty channel. Oh my god, I need one of these sandwiches so bad! Honestly, does it get any better than this?

Now I am getting all sorts of great food videos on my feed, mostly from Chicago, some from New York.

I have only visited Chicago a couple times, tried the hot dogs, not really my style. Where I come from in New York, they come one of two ways, with or without kraut. None of this salad on a bun thing. But I have come to respect them for the quality of the raw ingredients, I will just skip the peppers and onions, thank you. Over time I have actually come to really like the dogs honestly.

Anyhow I have come to the realization that Chicago might be the king of good ethnic food and street eats after watching some of these videos. Like this one, steak and plantain sandwiches at Jibaritos y Mas. Are you kidding? Looks so amazing. 

With such a huge ethnic population, how could they not be at the epicenter of gluttonous scarfing in the Windy City? You have Mexican, Greek, Polish, Czech, Italian, Puerto Rican, Filipino, literally every conceivable population group is represented there food wise.

I love how they film these videos without scripts or dialogues. I am planning on going back to Chicago next year with some college buds originally from the area. Do a four day massive feed and catch some blues music if there is any left. But how will I decide where to go? So many choices. I would like to visit a classic chop house too. Any recommendations?

Will go to Romas for Italian beef. Or Jim's for Brats and sausage, please hold the onions. Lou Malnati's for Deep Dish Pizza. Marie's Pizza for thin crust. Or Uno or Dua's or as Shawn suggests, the Homerun Inn. Might even grab a steak at Gene and Georgetti, although I hear they are getting somewhat long in the tooth. Maybe grab me a fry sandwich at Harold's Chicken Shack.

The truth is, a great majority of my best friends for the last forty years or so are Chicagoans and I have heard about all these places, and Portillos, Johnnie's and Al's ad nauseum and I really want to see how good they are for myself. Will have to train for this, work up my endurance and stomach capacity because I am going to be pigging out from the moment my feet hit the tarmac and I grab my first Superdawg. Wish me luck.

And you might also check out these two places if you are in New York, they also look very promising.

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