Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Amber Moon

Leslie called me yesterday evening, told me to jump in the car with her and go look at the moon.  

We drove up Alvarado and parked at the top but it was already too high in the sky and too dark for any great shots. 

I snapped anyway. It has been spectacular lately with its lovely golden hue.

Our washing machine is on the fritz. I told her I would pay for a new set but she hasn't found the right one yet.

So after our lunar expedition she went to the laundromat and I went out by myself for sushi. Her choice. I offered.

I had not been to Yama in ages and it was pretty darn good. I ordered the delicious blue crab and avocado roll amongst some other delicacies including yellowtail belly. Nice.


Had a good sale this morning, been on a little bit of a hot run of late.


Brigitte sent me a picture. Somewhat cryptically, it read Willegs Cheese, Delft NL. Slow on the uptake I wrote, Holland? She corrected me - Netherlands. Please.


R & D sent a shot from their place in Haiku - Pauwela Maui that looked mighty nice too.


My Scottish friend Pat who lives across the pond sent this picture over.

This is my daughter Catriona (who came to your house aged 7)  and my grand daughter Amélie flying to the Peloponnesus on holiday today.

Hello ladies!

Pat is working in Barcelona and also offered this colorful interior shot of the Sagrada Familia.

Such an incredible space! If you get a chance to visit Spain, it is full of irresistible charms.

Shawn sent me this one:

Will's contribution is the Cheetah Cub Cam from the Smithsonian.

Speaking of cams, this Allen bird cam from South Africa is my absolute favorite.

Do you see the P on this blogpost after the word Netherlands? Why are the p's on my computer doing this?

My sister Laurie gave me a beautiful gift today as an early birthday present. Thank you Laurie! I love you and appreciate it so much!

I have sold D paintings and weavings for over thirty years. Now because of aging and memory problems he has moved into a facility and I get to sell them again to help offset the costs of his care. Wonderful to see some of these again, sold two at the show in Palm Springs.

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