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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Respect the trees


Have you noticed that some nimrod advertising an upcoming concert on E. Alvarado is stapling their promotional postcards directly into the trunks of trees on Main Avenue ?

You see them up and down the street, on both sides of the tree trunks in many cases.

I have no idea who the band New Haven is but I am going to have to get pliers to pull all the staples out of these poor trees.

Don't staple your crap to tree trunks. It can damage them and make them sick. Imagine if someone did that to you.

Have some common sense and try not to be so thoughtless and inconsiderate.

The trees deserve better.


Still listening said...

This !! I removed so many flyers today. 20 on one block. Some had two stapled on one poor tree. Will be calling the number in the flyer. Pretty angry. Was planning on bringing pliers tomorrow am . Thank you for caring . Not sure why somethings it is okay to staple a living thing.

Anonymous said...

Pretty strange to have Christmas lights up in October also. Fallbrook is a nutty place!

Ken Seals said...

Also, Don't pet the Elk! :-)