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Friday, October 8, 2021

One bad day

Amazing, the MAGA faithful had one bad day, just give them a break. So they were chanting that they wanted to hang Mike Pence back on January 6, erected a gallows on the Capitol steps. No big deal. Tried to kill the Vice President? No problem, everybody is entitled to a bad day or two. Remarkable detachment, the way he can slough this off.

It is incredible that these people say that they are pro police and that they respect the thin blue line and the next thing you know they are bashing the cops over the head with flagpoles and breaking into the Capitol.

Same type of people that threaten the lives of teachers and school board members and call them rapists because they want kids to be masked and vaccinated.

What a country we live in.

And I am astounded by the light charges and sentences being given to these insurrectionist cretins. Dawn Bancroft threatened to shoot Nancy Pelosi in the head and gets a single misdemeanor charge. Unbelievable.


JeffN said...

Robert, I couldn't agree more. I worry that by not coming down hard on those who tried to harm members of congress and overturn a legal election, we encourage those who will try again. We should be outraged and demand strong punishment for the insurrectionists, but...we aren't. Just another crazy day in a crazy couple of years.

We are so divided by conservative ("I have freedom; you can't tell me what to do") and liberal (not even sure how to characterize liberals in general) extremes that it's hard to see us ever being united again.

Blue Heron said...

Isn't it funny how some conservatives and law enforcement believe the rules apply for everybody but them? Like L.A. and Riverside Sheriffs that won't enforce vaccine mandates.

I got a nasty troll comment accusing me of being an Antifa front. When have I ever supported antifa? But they can't honestly assess their own behavior without attempting to equalize and point fingers at someone else.

Jon Harwood said...

Antifa is the funniest boogeyman of them all I think. You have a group of idiots in the NorthWest raising hell and the paranoids of the Right inflate it into a huge ghost army that is ready to topple God Country and Apple Pie nearly anywhere in the country at any moment. Ho hum, I am going to concentrate on the design of my Pyramid Hat of Immortality.