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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Mostly from you Sunday


Shawn sent some beautiful pictures from the oasis that he has built in Thailand.

He sent a note, which I partially transcribe here: 

Been having an absolute Blast over here in the greenhouses. Spent the better part of the day transplanting Tacca (Black Bat Lily) into a custom, heavy leaf mold/eathworm poop media. When we hit the right mix magic happened, 1 year old seedlings started getting huge and throwing giant flowers and uncharacteristically, they've all set seed! Got orders for 100's a month...cranking them out!

All so lovely. Perhaps I will make it to Thailand one day, not on my short list which is Chile, back to Africa and Portugal. 

All sadly out of reach at present.

But one day, who knows. Would love to chase the light into Patagonia and Antarctica if I can. One day.

Ricardo lives in another area of Thailand. He sent this:

Happy to read your posts, cheered me up this morning after finding out at 6pm yesterday that the village is now locked down for the next two weeks after a cluster of Covid infections was confirmed here in the last couple of days. Oyyy

Be Well,

Keyhole raised bed with compost bucket in middle

Reminds me of all the work I did on my place back in 93 when Leslie and I were rained in for two weeks in the flood. Never wanted the peace and solitude to end, honestly.


Roy Cohen takes very pretty and sometimes powerful pictures with his phone. I borrowed this scarecrow shot from his blog with his permission.


David sent over a link to the Ricky Jay collection coming up at auction.

I was able to meet the late magician and card thrower at a book fair in Pasadena, A brilliant and wonderful guy.


Barry thinks that it is important that we know that the sport of cricket fighting is alive and well in China. And speaking of China this is the latest travesty they have embarked on. And they are not getting any smarter, let alone more human, in Florida.


Ray sent this over.

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