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Friday, June 24, 2022

Back to the future


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Linda Wilson said...

I'm depressed today. So saddened by what happened. Insanity has taken over this country. Gonna be real hard to celebrate independence day when individuals independence has been stomped on.

Jon Harwood said...

I suppose we will see if this is a tipping point where the at least some of the general public sees what minority rule via the Supremes is like. The conservative judges seem intent on remaking quite a lot of law in the mold of the Republican party--at least its Catholic/Evangelical wing. What I don't know is if the recent decision (s) are big enough to lead to any real reaction beyond hand wringing. I have my doubts as the economy tends to "trump" everything else and the economy looks pretty ill these days.

I would like my fantasy of a Supreme Court with twelve or thirteen term limited judges to come true but I really doubt the Democrats have it together to do much of anything.

Crying towels are located on aisle 8.

Anonymous said...

My take on the Roe vs. Wade is that people have no memory of the septic shock wards that used to be a common feature in hospitals across the country. Doctors have had no experience in treatment for women with botched abortions. People used to know women who were made sterile or died from self induced or back alley procedures. High school girls wore coats for a few months and then went to “help out” a relative in another state. In California, Mexico was the destination for many weekend trips for unwed mother’s. All with the risk of unknown medical consequences.
Now, go fund me pages will spring up to help women travel to other states for safe abortions.
Definitely a big step back.

Blue Heron said...

I think what i find so off putting is the self righteous idea that a woman undergoes the procedure casually and heartlessly, like brushing their teeth. I have never known a woman who has had an abortion who acted cavalierly in that way and did not dread the entire experience.