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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Noodling around on Convoy

I had to go to San Diego to melt some silver the other day and since I was near Convoy decided I was in the mood for noodles. I had visited Shan Xi Magic Kitchen once before, after reading rave reviews and was frankly not knocked out.  Leslie and I were coming back from one of my medical procedures. Good but not great and a rather diffident wait staff. She wanted to be at her favorite place, Spicy City, instead.

I wanted to give it another shot. I seized the moment.

Shaanxi is an ancient province in Northwest China and it has its own unique culinary imprimatur. Very hard to find a restaurant in the United States from this region. 

Shan Xi has lots of different kinds of hand made noodles including biang biang hand ripped noodles, hand pulled noodles, Liang Pi cold skin noodles, hot oil noodles, braised noodles, hand made noodles, oriental noodles, Ma chi noodles and noodle pieces. A noodle lover's delight!

The first time I went I tried a hand pulled noodle with beef brisket which was a very thick and wide noodle with a wavy decolate edge.

Monday I had the spicy hand pulled noodle with beef which you see a picture of in the photograph above. What an incredible noodle, ropey, chewy, textural and organic. A spicy cumin finish. It was delicious. A hand made noodle is a taste and thing of beauty. So different than the normal commercial fare.

I honestly think that I need to go back and try every noodle dish. They also serve a large number of lamb dishes which is rather unusual around here and also something I savor. Read this review on their Pao Mo lamb stew.

I am really looking forward to coming back. Here are screenshots of two of the pickup menu pages, give you a taste for what is in store.

So delicious. Let's go!

Shan Xi Magic Kitchen
4344 Convoy Street San Diego, CA 92111


Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic!! Was the place busy? Time you went?

Blue Heron said...

Noonish, not too busy, for what it is worth, I believe I was the only non asian person eating there that day.

Anonymous said...

And some people want to close the borders? No noodles? Back to being a culinary desert? America deserves better.