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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

First for everything

This is a year of personal milestones for me. My shop, the Blue Heron Gallery, will have been open (well, sort of open) for twenty five years in September. Put my shingle out on Main Avenue in 1997.

I turn sixty five in November this year and will finally be eligible for medicare. Maybe I will be able to afford to visit a cardiologist again?

My blog is about to hit four million official views. About eighteen more days I suspect. After fourteen years in existence.

And I just had a blogpost removed from Blogger for violating community guidelines. I believe the first time ever, but it honestly might be the second.

I received this notice this morning:

Now, there's a first. I had to think about this a little. What exactly did I write that would cause someone to flag me? I don't put sex, nudity or carnal activities on the blog but will emit an occasional f*ck, which my coffee mates tell me is honestly becoming more and more frequent. Hey, these are frustrating times. I perused the blogger content policy but couldn't figure out what triggered the blue meanies and how I violated the guidelines exactly.

I went online to try to find an archive of the post but failed. 

Only could find this much. But I remember it pretty clearly. Had a picture of Senator Susan Collin's driveway which two ladies had painted with chalk. It was pure satiric political commentary without any vulgar weirdness. Was that enough for me to have a post removed without any benefit of rebuttal? Obviously, yes it was.

Strange times, indeed. Wait, have I been cancelled?


JeffN said...

What a crock. This is one of the reasons I self-publish my blog with Wordpress and personal domain. Don't have to worry about platform censors.

Anonymous said...

Not funny. Silencing polite political comment is not good...

Jon Harwood said...

It seemed pretty benign at the time. I suspect another case of artificial intelligence not being very intelligent at all.