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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Kung Fu Noodle

Leslie and I went to Kung Fu Noodles in Vista for lunch today. Place has been getting rave reviews.  Rated fourteenth best soup dumpling in the nation by Yelpers.

We love XLB and couldn't wait to try it. We drove over, in the mall on Vista Way and Foothill, not that far from Sprouts.

Several signs said 100% handmade.

We were a bit later than usual, around 2:00 and had no problem getting a table. 

We watched a woman behind a glass window making dumplings and pot stickers.

We ordered xiao long bao, the famous soup dumplings, and two of the large pork and vege buns.

But which noodle dish to try?

We looked at the pictures and the food our fellow diners were eating and settled on the dan dan noodles. Then we talked to the staff, who were exceedingly nice and helpful.

The spicy dan dan noodles were fabulous, with a nice dry peanut sauce.

The dumplings were also great, not quite Din Tai Fung wonderful but really, nothing is.

We plan on returning and exploring the entire menu. Want to try several things like the Taiwanese fried chicken and the vegetarian red bean bun.

Really like this place! And it is so close.

Kung Fu Noodle
1233 E Vista Way Vista, CA 92084
(760) 639-1888


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