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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Doug Clements


One of the most beloved members of our Fallbrook community, Dr. Douglas Clements, has passed away. 

Doug battled COPD and pulmonary fibrosis valiantly for many years, lived for much longer than his expected prognosis but finally succumbed to complications from a recent stroke.

I don't know where to start when talking about my longtime friend. 

A brilliant ophthalmologist, he was sweet and caring and an ace diagnostician. 

A fit and handsome man, blessed with a great head of hair. 

Loved his wife, kids and grandchildren tremendously. 

He had the greatest voice I have ever heard, would have been perfect in radio or the stage. 

Civic minded, a long time Rotarian.

He was a navy officer, a patriot, a photographer, a man of deep faith, a renaissance man who, along with his wonderful wife Rose Lynn, was a serious collector and lover of art nouveau and chromolithography as well as many other areas of interest in antiques and fine art.

I love Doug, cherish the time I was able to spend with him during the last year. He, like our mutual friend, the late Tony Duchi, will be impossible to replace in my life. First time he ever opened up to me was coming back from Tony's funeral. 

I realized during that car ride that my sweet doctor could cuss a blue streak like the long time Navy man he was if you got him in the right situation. Maybe it was the stress of the funeral? Shocked the heck out of me but honestly I couldn't stop laughing. A gentleman, I still loved telling him slightly off color jokes when we were alone, he had a great sense of humor and was not averse to sharing an occasional nip with me.

We had differing politics but he was also always gentlemanly about our ideological differences and never less than wonderful to me.

I will miss his hearty laugh, his compassion, just the most sweet and caring man you could ever imagine. 

A good man, a man who truly loved his family, friends, patients and his community.

My condolences go out to not only his loving family but to all of his patients and those that knew and worked with him because you could simply not know Doug without loving him.

We will miss you, Buddy.


Neil T. said...

I too loved Doug Clements and will miss him terribly. He was a prince, a mensch. He bravely battled pulmonary fibrosis and kept going when most anyone else would have thrown in the towel. I trust he is breathing easier these days. Our thoughts to Rose Lynn and his entire family.

Anonymous said...

Doug was a gem. He lived his life like a prophet; lead by example, use kind language, stay optimistic. He was a great role model for the young and old alike. Bless…

Roy Cohen

Ken Seals said...

Thank you for this wonderful tribute.

Don McDougal said...

Robert, well stated and I don’t know if a kinder and more gracious man. I am so glad we had an opportunity to know him. Our best wishes to Rose Lynn and family in this time of sorrow.

RoxAnn said...

Working in the nursery business in Fallbrook for many many years we had numerous eye “situations”. Mostly minor like potting soil or perlite in the eye and an occasional injury. Drs. Clement and Cutler were always at the ready to take a patient when we would call. Even if it was near closing time. We were always so grateful for their extraordinary care. I didn’t know him personally, but professionally he was stellar. Condolences to his family and friends.

Blue Heron said...

He helped me a lot as a doctor. I am very squeamish about touching my eye. I had a large grain of sand in my eye that would not come out. Was driving me nuts. He was so calm and gentle and managed to get it out. When I had my open heart I had a temporary blindness condition called amorosis fujax. He navigated me through that too Just an excellent doctor, the best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robert for the article on DOUG … As cynical old bastard (me) .. I found him to be one of the most decent men I’d ever met, truly deserving of all the kind words..
I already miss him.. Thanks again, Paul

Anonymous said...

My wife and I were his patients for years. We thought very highly of him Many thanks to all and especially Robert for the kind remarks and sentiments. Shaun & Cathy

Thomas Brumley said...

Doug and I trained together as ophthalmology residents @ Children’s Hospital in 1972-73….he was in The USC program and I was in The UCLA program…..neither had a pediatric hospital….the one time our programs had anything to do with each other!!!!!!!….we were in competition in LA….it’s .ironic that the programs have come together and now have joined the Big Ten together…..I’m happy about that as I’m a Big Ten Ohio State Buckeye!!!!!
We hit it off immediately and have stayed in touch over the years even though we practiced in a different locales.My family lives near Fallbrook and my near-sighted daughter was cared for by him ….she really liked him as a person and Doctor.
We had dinner with him ,Rose Lynn and mutual friends in 2020 before he became really ill.
He was a caring, compassionate ,excellent physician and person……he will be missed.
My thoughts and prayers are with him and the family,
Thomas Brumley

Brigitte Schlemmer said...

Doug was a gentleman and joy to be near. I knew him as a Rotarian in my capacity as a volunteer and he was always so kind, upbeat and positive. He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

My late father, George Shippey, loved to go see Dr. Clements. He said Dr Clements was the best. My dad was always ready with his jokes when he went in for his appts because he knew Dr Clements would enjoy laughing with him. My dad really valued his friendship. Dad went to heaven at age 90 in November, 2014. I'm sure they are both happy to see each other again.
Love and condolences to Dr. Clements family and the many who loved him 🙏 💔 😢