Egret and crab

Friday, June 17, 2022

Yellowstone memory

My friends Bob and Lynne were on their way to Yellowstone for the first time when the floods hit. They had to cancel their trip. Leslie and I know the area very well, have made a lot of trips there. Pains me to think what the people that are now cut off in the outlying communities like Cooke City, Livingston and Gardiner are going through.

And amazing to think that the mighty rivers up there may have permanently changed course in this 1000 year flood. The massive earthly forces that created the park are obviously still at work.

This is a picture I took one early morning at my favorite geothermal pool, Morning Glory. Doesn't get any prettier than that. Looks like a giant psychedelic bat ray. Hope the area stabilizes soon.


island guy said...

Montana was a formative part of my early life. Yellowstone, Glacier and Grand Teton parks were the Holy Trinity of what became my feelings about Nature and our place in it. It’s sad to see it raging and destructive to so many people’s lives and enjoyment, but also a reminder that the supercaldera it sits on could cause disruption many orders of magnitude greater. My well traveled wife, from a very different part of the world, considers these parks her favorite places anywhere, ever. Besides warming my heart, this is a reminder that we are at best, custodians of a larger human, not only American, heritage.

Wicki said...

Absolutely gorgeous….