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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Goldfish in my tank

My right headlight went out recently. I noticed in the middle of the night when we were driving to Long Beach to do the flea market. The brights worked, so lucky for us but maybe not so lucky for everybody else, we kept them engaged for the trip.

There has been moisture in the light for months. Apparently it is a normal failing in the Ram Promaster and there is much written about it online. Ram says that the moisture will go away in time, many claim that it is a design defect that the manufacturer just didn't want to deal with.

There are diy schemes to cure it, most involve using a variety of silicone gels in the interior plugs. I took my ram to my personal mechanic the other day and he was afraid he would break the housing trying to remove it and suggested I take it to a dealer. He told me that there was four inches of water on the bottom of the bulb. I was afraid what the moisture might be doing to the electronics and housing but whatever.

The Ram dealer in Temecula is no longer certified to work on these, or so they told me on the phone, but I managed to finagle an appointment in Escondido today after a day on the telephones.

The service manager said that the easiest thing to do would be to put a whole new housing in, parts alone $800. I said, "No way." What happens when it does the same thing again in three months, another king's ransom? He told me that there was a gallon of water in the thing, the seal must be bad. It rains so much here in Southern California...

I convinced him to drill a hole on the bottom and drain the water, lose the goldfish (not sure how they got in there) and send me on my way. Grand total with bulb replacement - $146. I can live with that.

Interestingly enough, he says he sees these all the time and it is always the right headlight. He has no idea why and neither do I. But now I can get back on the road again and I have a long drive in store to Sonoma to pick up a very large painting. As soon as I am up to it anyway.


I spent yesterday on the business end of a flexible scope traveling through my most private appendage. My doctor saw something she doesn't like in my bladder diverticuli, she shared it with me on the screen, white lump with some branches.

I need another biopsy but will have to wait a bit as I am extremely busy. Might well be nothing.  As I said the other day, you never know when you are going to get that knock on the door and honestly I am not too surprised. Disappointed, yes, surprised, no. Will cross my fingers. Please don't pray just yet, I am not a believer and don't want to be a hypocrite. If I change my mind I will let you know and I will be right there with you.

We will see how it all shakes down.


Ken Seals said...

We're hoping for the best for you Robert!!

Anonymous said...

Drilling a hole in the bottom is the best thing. I’ve done that before. The other option is to buy a new truck

Stan S said...

I live in NYC. Haven't had any need to own a car since 1992. My goldfish are in a goldfish bowl. Time for you to move back? I can find your a nice studio around here for 2400. a month!

Linda Wilson said...

I will also hope it's "nothing".
love ya, man!

Liz said...

Keep your sister informed please