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Friday, June 10, 2022

Bifurcated blossoms

I have a friend and client coming over today to visit the gallery. Place has not really been in order for the last three months. "No problem," I said. "Just give me a few hours to clear and carve some navigable paths." He asked me if I was serious and I said yes.

With the auction taking precedence, I have tried to seal off the front of my shop in my mind. But the amount of inventory I have is pretty staggering and two warehouses are full to boot.

A couple I know walked by the shop yesterday and peeked inside. "Oh my god," Mike says. You could sell all this stuff and retire to a very good life."

I was slightly dumbfounded. "Why would I do that?" Quit? For all the bitching and moaning I engage in, I really enjoy my job and can't imagine ever quitting. 

Honestly, retirement sounds boring.

The highs in my job are very high and I enjoy buying, less so selling and also enjoy going to different places and just being in the marketplace.

I rarely or never beat myself up for my mistakes, they are far outnumbered by my victories and the stuff will all presumably find a good home someday.

Probably have to pull me out of this place with a toe tag and a gurney just not anytime soon, okay?

Major treasure hunt at the gallery, if you manage to get inside the place anyway, of course.

I am weird, especially with time wasters. Happy to be your friend but if we go ten or twenty years without a sale, you are probably not a client and well, I am working, sort of anyway. 

Maybe we can grab a cup of coffee sometime.

My cape chestnut tree , or the one that I call mine because it has been outside my front door for the last twenty years, is blooming rather strangely this year.

The gorgeous pink blossoms are only blooming on the front of the tree.


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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the tree resonding to the impending polar shift?
Any other similar bifurcated blooms around town?