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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Nahash Sefta

In 2015 Vice President John Kerry pronounced, and I assume with a straight face, that we here in the United States knew everything there was to know about Iran's nuclear capabilities, that they had been finally forced to "come clean." And Iran had stated unequivocally, on countless occasions, that they had never had a nuclear weapons program.

Now we know, thanks to the Israelis' excellent intelligence service, Mossad, about the existence of Project Amad, a secret Iranian nuclear program at least 20 years in existence. Nuclear triggers, ten kiloton bombs, nuclear warhead designs and more. A robust program that managed to fool the international inspectors. Can you believe it, the Iranians were lying to us? Why, that can't be...

So what do Kerry, Rhodes and the other Obama flunkies like Tommy Vietor now say? They say that everybody knew that Iran was lying the whole time. But they never bothered to tell the American people that then, did they? Because they wanted the deal so bad they were willing to look the other way.

Now Vietor is insisting that the warmongering Israelis somehow cooked the intelligence, without any proof mind you.

As much as I hate the present administration, and I make no secret of my animus, the previous administration was horrible in its own way. Specifically the way they treated their allies and enabled the Iranian terrorists.  They always had their thumb on the scales weighted towards the Persians and took every chance they could to stick said thumb in the Israeli's eye. This has caused great instability all over the region, in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and elsewhere. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Saudis start looking around for some fancy new weapons for themselves to counter the grave shiite threat.

Once upon a time the Shah of Iran ordered $400 million dollars worth of U.S. fighter jets. Then the Iranians overthrew the Shah and overran the United States Embassy, taking many Americans hostage. They demanded their 400 million back and the United States filed an $817 million dollar counterclaim. Obama decides to give them the $400 million back plus $1.3 billion in interest for good measure, all in cold untraceable cash and we conveniently forget about the counterclaims. and unfroze another $100 billion in Iranian assets frozen in our banks. The embassy hostages? Our bad. The 1983 bombing by the Revolutionary Guard of our military barracks in Beirut that left 241 americans dead. Forgotten...

And the rest is history. See The Secret Backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook. Now they could start dealing cocaine, foment international stability, we would release their terrorist suspects and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard could start killing us with our own weapons.

Condi Rice says worse things could happen than Trump not granting an extension to the Iran deal. She may well be right. In seven years the Iranians will be right back where they were with breakout times as well as their weapons programs which probably proceed hidden and unabated to this day. Can't forget that they have never allowed international inspectors access to their military sites. And we all can maintain this false sense of security and all pretend that the Iranians aren't a bunch of major league assholes until the deal runs out and we are back to square one again.

I hated the deal then, I hate it now. As much as I admire Wendy Sherman I think that we got took. We enabled the snake.

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