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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

trouble ahead, trouble behind...

So Rudy spilled the beans tonight. He says the Donald paid back the $130,000 hush money payment that his lawyer gave to the porn star. The HuffPo comment section is a twitter, what a slip up!

This is no slip up, this is totally calculated behavior. Knowing that the FBI has all of the fixer's account information and that the over under betting line is that Cohen will indeed flip, it was important to get this squared away and out in the open sooner rather than later. Damage control. Lesser of two evils. Besides the Trump base is already on record that they know the President is a liar and they still don't care.

Although Trump has previously vigorously denied the liaison, the threat of running afoul of the campaign finance laws made telling the truth about the payoff a better option, even though things might get a little icy about now on the home front.

Chip Somadavilla - Getty
The Mueller train is heading down the track. Look for more incongruities like this to be 'splained and come to light in the coming days. Better now for the President than when faced with incontrovertible proof in front of a Grand Jury.

Methinks Melania isn't going to be real keen playing nice with the schmuck who now admits cheating on her while she was three months pregnant with his child.

The noose continues to tighten...

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