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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Donnie Diva

Every human being will age, it is inevitable. With Presidents of the United States, it seems like it is even more noticeable and the whole world gets to see it in real time.  Saw it with Reagan, too. Obama went gray very quickly, the stress of the job on any man or woman would be excruciating, regardless of party.

Alex Wong - Getty Images
Yuri Gripas - Reuters
It looks to me like Donald Trump, a man most fastidious about his appearance, image and looks, has hit the tipping point.

Saul Loeb - Getty
The stress lines and wrinkles are much more visible of late. The eyes are baggier, the lighter color a serious point of contrast with the orange airbrush surround.

It gives him a real reverse raccoon look. The skin looks ruddy and terrible, perhaps all the fast food intake has finally caught up? Getting heavier too.

Hey, he is seventy three years old, he's no spring chicken. Guy looks plainly beaten up. The combover, surprisingly, is a bright spot, looks impervious to father time, but I understand it takes hours to construct and I believe that the position of the actual true hairline will be a mystery for the ages like the sphinx or pyramids.

He is definitely wearing his age and showing the stress. That's what happens to people who "have to swing at every pitch" as Chris Christie described him last week. And it is only going to get worse. Might be time for him to retire. Looks like Dorian Gray has seen his portrait. Not going to be pretty.


Martin said...

Yeah, it's 'no country for old men' - my guess is that stress will bring him down before either impeachment or an adverse election will. And while I do not wish ill-will on anyone, I do have to say good riddance.

Ken Seals said...

Someone is just using more clarity and dehaze in Lightroom.