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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Stand up for what you believe in

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With William Barr running interference like Trump's personal lawyer and Mitch McConnell at the helm of the Senate, it is doubtful that that legislative body will ever even take up impeachment, let alone remove the titular head of the Republican body. So any future benefit from the exercise will be pyrrhic at best.

Yet I think it was indeed time for it to happen, with a clear case of the President asking a foreign country to dig up dirt on his principal political opponent in exchange for a release of a bunch of money they needed in order to keep the Russian bear away from their door.

People were worried about the effect of such a push on swing state freshman democrats but they are out there in front of the issue, making their own political prospects subordinate to doing what they feel is the right thing to do.

Last Monday seven freshman democrats wrote an oped pushing for impeachment in the Washington Post. Very courageous, I applaud them.

I was listening to MSNBC yesterday, might have been Chris Matthews, he had two Republican lobbyists on and one of them was I think very prescient. In his mind, this kerfuffle will have no effect at all on the Trump base, the core supporters. They have next to no knowledge of the Ukrainian matter, because they don't read or view so called mainstream news, they get their news from Twitter, Breitbart, Fox and Sinclair, the latter three slant every story in favor of this administration.

He said it is all about the primaries and the primaries are about throwing red meat to the faithful. Don't expect a bunch of Republican congressmen or women to go against their leader on this, they would be committing instant career suicide and if there is one thing they care about more than their principles, it is getting re-elected.

So we may hear from a Romney in a rare Republican Mormon state that can't stand the immoral Trump or maybe a few GOP governors, the rest of them will be silent and all in. Because he goes down, they might go down too. Again, pointless as the impeachment might be, it is nice for people to stand up and be counted. On both sides. People will remember.


KAT JOY said...

Titular. Great term for tRump. I am hoping he will get impeached, resign, or whatever it takes for him to go away. Then there's Pence. That is also scary. I hope I live long enough to see our government full of secular, altruistic, honest, animal worshiping, tree huggers. I'm not happy to read about the way you're feeling and with the automated poor customer service you're getting when reaching out for aid. But, I am very happy you're able to make it to the keyboard and compose the way you do.

Sanoguy said...

I am thinking more damning evidence will come out about some of the sleazy things Trump has done and tried to hide. I think the whistle blower may have opened the door for others to come forward.with more damning evidence out, I think more Republicans may come out for impeachment.

Pence may also may get very dirty from these accusations ...if he was impeached, very ironically Nancy Pelosi would become Pres... there is some huge irony in that!

Ken Seals said...

Just because Biden is a candidate, he is not immune to investigations of past wrong doing.

Blue Heron said...

Very convenient timing, Ken.