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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hummer reprise

I took this with a lesser lens and a lesser camera yet still, it might be my favorite personal hummingbird shot of all time. My yard, August 26, 2015. I feel like I caught lightning in a bottle with this one. Something about the wings...

Nikon D7200 Sigma 150-600mm C ƒ8 1/1000 iso 3200

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Jon Harwood said...

I am in luv with Leica prime lenses as there is a etherial quality of sharpness and reality to the modern ones. Trick is, this quality exists in lenses by other makers just not as consistently. Plus, this quality is so subtle that few people can see it. The biggest laugh of all is that I have taken wonderful pictures with my 1979 Pentax 35mm and with my 1965 Sears 35mm. So hell, I'm afraid that my investment in some Leica glass pleases me mostly and those who look at my stuff will never give a damn. Besides an angel with a really big beard told me that pixel peepers and MTF chart freaks are already damned. That angel had a Nikon
F1 around his neck which really bugged me.

The hummer shot is great and I never would have figured out it was made with a lesser camera.