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Friday, September 27, 2019

Go fund him

Feeling patriotic? Want to do something important and tangible for your country? Why not throw a few bucks towards the anonymous CIA whistleblower so that he can get adequate legal representation? I did.

Here is the link to the page at GoFundMe. For the price of a cheap dinner you can help support democracy and the rule of law in our time.

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Sardonicus said...

Interesting outreach, and you have to pick your causes, but my discretionary dollars for democracy just went to Tulsi Gabbard. Despite the DNC's shenanigans, media bias, and google interference, she has made headway with most everyone i know who has had a chance to listen to her positions. Also, i see a ton of cross-party acceptance evident in the comments i see on her youtube vids. Eloquence, cool headedness, and common sense is a welcome change of pace, and an easy sell, if you get an audience. She's made the 4th debate and will need some dough to compete with the lackluster cast of “front runners” being shoved down our throats. Her's is a message that resonates across party lines that i feel obligated to support and to help spread.