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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Blood on the skyline

Nashville Skyline is my favorite Dylan album after Blood on the Tracks. Dylan and Johnny Cash's 1969 collaborations made it onto both Skyline and outtakes from John Wesley Harding. Much of the recorded session material was reportedly unfortunately lost forever. Nashville Skyline probably had the most beautiful band musicianship and definitely the best Dylan vocals of any of his albums. Who said he couldn't sing like a canary when he wanted to? Listen to Lay Lady Lay. I guess he didn't care so much afterwards, been there done that. They are releasing a bunch of the unheard Cash/Dylan material. Can't wait.

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Ken Seals said...

I've got that one and love it. I even love Dylan's soundtrack to "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" a Peckinpah film which featured Kris Kristofferson as Billy and James Coburn as Pat. The famous scene of the shotgun blast of dimes tumbling out of the barrel in slo-mo is in that movie. A micro second of a topless Rita Coolidge is near the end.