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Monday, September 23, 2019

September 23

The day started out bad and it only got worse. I will not share all the gory details of the events of the morning but will let you know that the pathology reports came in; the cancer that has returned to my bladder is very aggressive and very dangerous, really like nothing I have ever fought before.

Lots of potential complications.

If I get through this it will require some painful decisions and sacrifices that I am not really emotionally prepared for at this moment. But I will be.

Moving forward.

If this sort of real life vérité is too painful and difficult for you to process, I would pass on it for a while. I understand completely and my love for you is not diminished. The rest of you stay tuned.


Unknown said...

My wife and sister are both cancer survivors.I am well aware of your plight.Talking about it in your blog can only be therapeutic for you and I admire you for your courage.I can relate only to Lesley.I know how she feels .There are no easy answers,we are all temporary.The AA saying,ONE DAY AT AT A TIME is very relavent. Im in your corner and wishing you the best,you are a great person and good friend.Stay positive.

Jon Harwood said...

Well Robert I think you are fully entitled to share this process on the blog. I think many of us will walk with you on this.

Sanoguy said...

As Jon said, many of us will walk with you through this very important journey you are on!

Anonymous said...

I'm here for your musings, not to hear some pep talk about life. I've had friends and family with bladder cancer who've lived to tell the tale, (and complain about the hassles of the consequences of the decisions they made). But griping is allowed in our family and we support bitching about the bad stuff. ~D.O.

The Phantom Knows said...

Stay positive and I may share my salt water taffy

Kent said...

Hey Robert, you are a tough bastard and I’ll see you on the other side of this treatment.
Keep on truckin.