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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Beverson Electric

Anybody in the Fallbrook or Temecula area need a reliable licensed electrician who also understands and can fix air conditioning? Who shows up when he says he will or ten minutes early.

Look no farther than Matt Beverson.

I first heard about him from Chris at Main St. Cafe. He has been working for him for a while and the Greek offered high praise.

Matt came out last year and got my home air back running. Fixed some bad wiring problems as well. Has done electrical work for my wife at Caravan too.

Wonderful guy, inexpensive, could not have been nicer, knowledgable and more caring, competent and accommodating. Matt just fixed and cleaned out my rooftop unit at the store. He was working for another company but has recently quit his regular job and now is full time on his own.

Now is the time when air conditioners are going on the fritz and you can't get anyone to return your call. Matt will. I don't hardly ever do these sorts of recommendations but Matt has been a godsend. If you need anything electrical in nature fixed give him a call. Great work, no attitude. 

Matt Beverson
Beverson Electric
(951) 419-7681

lic. 1053726

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Thank you a bunch of times for a referral to a guy that is just what you said on the “Blast”. Matt came over, belated due to traffic through Murrieta, but he called me right on time. No big deal. Especially when he arrived, he set in immediately and had it diagnosed, parts chased (a forty year old thermostat finally gave it up) installed along with three other minor projects and all done in a couple of hours. The entire bill; parts, labor, travel and a really great attitude was actually very palatable. Now I have my “forever “ electrician, who will no doubt outlive me, and very important is my plumber, a young, talented guy. These contact’s are like gold. Muchas gracias amigo...