Raven at San Jacinto

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Annual end of the year blast readers photo submission

Presque Isle Park, Marquette, Michigan - Shirley Timberman

Cam Wilde

Cabo dawn - Kathie Morgan

This may not be what you want, but this Horseradish Crusted Prime Rib sure was important to us! (Along with red onions, spinach and popovers) - Joseph and Linda Kohn Sherwood 

Butterfly on manure pile - Richard Neumann

Sunset outside Holbrook - Terry Schurmeier

Toltec Spirit Guide - portable wood chipper - Jerry Hall

Wife kid fish dogs - Michael Loughlin

Kerry Brown

Lone photographer - Mike Reardon

Margaret and one of her pigeon friends - Jon Harwood

Keep them coming, folks...
Venus and the moon having a dip in the pool - Victoria Roberts

Man's best friend - Doug Garn

Baja Morning - Jill Cole

Pretty sign - Beth Cobb

Scrub jay fleeing the feeder - Wilbur Norman

Lake Tahoe Panoramic - James ODonnell

Julie and Ziggy - Lois Newkirk

Jeff Olsen

Granddaughter making pizza at the cabin - Carilyn Vice

2020 skid mark - Noreen Ring

Spider trees - Roy Cohen

Egret on log - Ken Seals

One eye 1 - Louis Nidorf

Steve Schwartz

Peekaboo Canyon near Escalante, Utah - Steve Stoops

Seems like a theme here - Anonymous blogger

Dad - Renee C. OBrien

Leslie Sommers

Jeff and Gena Barney

Barry's a brand - Barry Friedman

Jeff Nichols

Farmer's market tandem - Lena Leichtling

Lower Antelope Canyon - Bob Booth

Kip Peterson

Black's Beach - Ron Holder

Dillon, MT - Jack Fisher

Clancy and Carpenter dragster at Famoso Raceway - Jay Carpenter

Architectural detail, Guanajuato - Nancy Javier

I found that effective social distancing can be achieved with a little mercurochrome.
And wearing a mask found in the gutter! - William Warmboe

Colorado - Renee OBrien

Blair Conklin - Bob Booth

Miriam  and Yossi Tenne

Spring annual visitor - Stephanie Boren

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