Raven at San Jacinto

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Raise the Shire

I have been thinking of Trump's last days in office and how he is trying to willy nilly use a scorched earth policy to destroy everything he can for the next occupant. 

Installing department heads like LeJoy at the Post Office that can't be terminated, dismembering environmental protections, firing lifelong civil servants who won't buy into his conspiracy crap, the list of perfidy is long.

And the corollary my mind keeps coming up with is Saruman the White in Lord of the Rings, after he loses his staff and Gandalf drums him out of the wizard corps. Does he go back to wherever he hails from to play a little bridge with Radagast and the other wizards?

No, he goes to the Shire and tries to screw up everything he can because it makes him happy. Pollutes, uproots, destroys, just turns into a totally nasty prick on his way out. Malevolent bastard. Thankfully, Galadrial had given Sam a small wooden box filled with a Mallorn seed and pixie dust from her garden. A sprinkle here or there brought things back in no short order.

Oh, to have such a box today!


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Jon Harwood said...

I asked Freyja to ride her cat drawn chariot down pick up the offenders and take them to Sessr├║mnir as they are clearly not fit for Valhalla. The reply was that she would not pollute her won seat hall with them but she had some good idea for them. I asked no more questions not wanting to be part of her plan myself.