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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Christmas with eggroll


I know that many of you are in the thick of the holiday season right now, family, food, travel, holiday parties, etc. 

We don't get invited to a lot of Christmas parties but I get it, probably bad luck.

I hope that you all stay safe, warm and well, lot of bugs going around right now and there are many parts of the country that are downright cold. 

Leslie had a doctor's appointment yesterday and afterwards we celebrated an early Xmas down at Shan Xi Magic Kitchen with a couple bowls of delicious noodles. Cumin lamb and beef.

Superb as always, frankly the best noodle I have ever had. Wide and chewy.

And it got me to thinking. What about all those poor people that don't have access to good Chinese food, what do they do on Christmas?


Historically we go out to Jasmine for Christmas dim sum with Ron and Lena but they are in Asia so we won't be doing it this year.

I feel sort of abandoned, honestly.

You see more jews at Jasmine on Christmas than you do in Shul.

Not sure what we will do this year, maybe we will go with the hungry-man tv dinner if we decide not to go out. 

Still looks might fine, especially the vegetables. Such a beautiful pale color. Used to favor the chicken when I was eating these things.


We used to have a great group of gastronomic friends that would celebrate holidays together and do great group dinners. People moved away and moved on. I miss them. 

I want to do a Convoy crawl one day with an intrepid foodie gang if I can put one together, noodles here, dumplings here, Korean, crab, dim sum, hot pot, eat until we drop, just a couple items at each. Went to the Chinese bakery yesterday, Tasty Bakery, quite good.


I am going to do the Audubon Christmas bird count tomorrow with some birder friends in Ramona for the third year in a row. 


When I got my new iPhone I switched Siri from the Irish girl voice to the South African female voice. Honestly, I miss my lassie, the South African is way too cold and severe. Going to change back.


I am now a member of 1st dibs and need to start putting stuff up online. I think it will be a perfect venue and help with sales.


The wonderful and iconic California Surf artist Bill Ogden passed away this week. He was a great talent with beautiful and singular brushwork. I had two fabulous works that he created for me perish in a fire decades ago.


Is there a more venal piece of excrement in this world than Tucker Carlson

Golda Meir came to America in January of 1948 to try to get help for Israel. Raised a half a million dollars. Had one plain dress for ten days. Saved her country. Can you get more shallow than commenting on a person's clothes? Way to focus on the important stuff, Tucker. You fucker. Every time he opens his mouth I wonder if he is working for the Russians...


I was listening to the great seventies funk song War by Edwin Starr the other day and had a thought. Wouldn't it have been cool if the band War had returned the favor and wrote a song called Edwin Starr? Good god, yall.


The word of the day a few days ago was Palinode. A recantation in song or poetry.

And there I thought it was a song for a former Alaskan governor.

One of the toughest things about virtual or blog friendships is that you never know what happens to your faithful readership. They are there and then poof, they are gone. Like my 80 year old friend Martin from Oregon, suddenly no connect and you have to wonder what happened and you never find out. Sucks. Are they dead or are they just not into you any more? Will never know... Miss some of you a lot. Window Dancer, do you ever check in?


I will curtail today's foolishness with a picture of our beautiful kitty Cosmo. Might be part siamese or tonkinese, four white feet and a cute little white spot under his chin. Gorgeous blue eyes. We call him our little toasted marshmallow. All of our three cats are of course beautiful but this little guy is stunning. And I am not just saying that because he is my kitty! Sweet purrbox, loves to be petted and get the chest rubbed, quite vocal. Don't even try to tell me that your cat is this good looking.

And he, like we, wishes you the best of holidays!


Linda Wilson said...

I’d have ya’ll over for true Italian Lasagna on Christmas, but we are socked in sick. My plan was to invite folks with no plans. Alas the invisible bugs are going to wreck our plans. Maybe next year. Or we can Zoom on Christmas? I learned a great lesson getting this bug…. It’s too soon to share doobies. Merry Christmas to you both. We’ll be having a celebration Jan 5, for Peter’s 70th. Invite to come….

Anonymous said...

Mele Kalikimaka a me Hau’oli Makahiki Hou from Capt Cook, Hawaii! Brysson. Yes, Tucker is vile! Is he an American??

Jon Harwood said...

The Siamese mix that turned up at our house a couple of years ago is a ringer for yours except for the white spots and he is FATTER.

Sanoguy said...

Tucker works for Murdoch…he has more money than the Russkies!

juliah said...

As you already know, Jim & I are some of the unfortunate ones to have been mysteriously axed (by Google?) and no longer receive the Blue Heron Blast. However, I am grateful for the email you have kindly been sending with the link that serves as a reminder to visit the website read your blog. Thank you, Robert! Wishing you so much happiness this season & ALWAYS! Happy, Healthy 2023!

Island guy said...

I changed Siri to a South African male voice because I kept answering ‘yes dear’