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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Shot Gun

This is Jimi Hendrix's first television appearance, on a show called Night Train in Nashville. It took place in May of 1965, backing up Buddy and Stacey on a hopped up version of the Junior Walker hit. More about the early period and chronology here.

Blows my mind to think he died a mere five years and four months later, in September of 1970. Think about the fierce musical virtuosity and extensive catalogue created and packed into that short time period. He truly changed music and the world forever. In the blink of an eye.


Scrota said...

I am typing with the hand that actually shook Jimi's (he was left handed so his left hand was free, and his right was holding the guitar...you know I should have asked him for his pick) when he walked by us on the stage at Earl Warner back in the day. Still haven't washed it, after all. Looks like Dorian Gray, after all.

Oscar Tame

Liz said...

Crosstown Traffic is one of the few songs that are always in my head. I want to know why our musical tastes are so much the same. You are the only person I know who agrees with me about Paul.