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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

We'll miss you Angel, Don, not so much...


R.I.P. Stuart Margolin

Interesting interview at MSNBC with primatologist Jane Goodall on former President Trump's aggressive chimp like behavior. I would start watching around the twenty eight minute mark.

More on the subject here.
“When I began observing chimpanzees in the Gombe in Tanzania, way back in the 1960s, there was a very dominant male in the community named Mike. I couldn’t not think of him when I watched the debates between Trump and the other Republican candidates.” Mike would make a huge amount of noise. He kicked objects and cans, and created a large amount of confusion among the other males, she says. His rivals were afraid of him and tried to hide from him. This is how Mike became the leader of the group and managed to hold on to his dominant status for a long time, she said.“My statement was not a political statement but an observation of a primatologist. The behavior of dominant males, who are trying to gain control of the community, simply is similar among chimpanzees and humans. The comparison seemed to me to be almost obvious,” said Goodall.

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