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Friday, December 9, 2022

Good Call

I posted the Fleetwood Mac song Future Games the other day. The music and vocals are so good and they really stick with you like an earworm. I can listen again and again to this cut. Bob Welch was such a beautiful player, seriously underrated and his contribution to Fleetwood Mac should not be forgotten. He suffered a horrible ending in this world.

I got an email from Terry DeWald yesterday. Terry is the best Indian basket dealer in the world, an ex pro baseball player, a mountain climber, just the nicest and best guy you could ever meet. But few people know that he is also a guitar player who used to be in a band.

I had forgotten how much the guitar solo in Future Games sounds like much of the background guitar in CSN and Y.  Especially in Wooden Ships. Man were the 60’s boss or what? T.D.

I listened to the intro of Wooden Ships last night and Terry is exactly right, the stops and notes are very similar, although slowed down and perhaps with a bit richer tone. Welch must have been a fan of Stills but then again, who isn't?

Not a quibble but I should point out in the interest of accurate record keeping that the Y was not with CS and N at that early juncture.

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