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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Border Talk

To the consternation of left wing and hispanic groups, President Biden's immigration policies aren't a hell of a lot different than those of his predecessor. 

...Biden’s administration will continue to expel people who cross the border illegally amid record numbers of apprehensions — a move to the center that could threaten support from liberal groups if he seeks a second term. The plans drew immediate outrage from Democratic and Republican lawmakers, who themselves have failed for decades to create a functioning immigration system.

...the Biden administration rolled out fresh restrictions at the southern border to sharply reduce illegal crossings by widening the use of Trump’s pandemic-era policy known as Title 42. The policy allows border officials to expel migrants without hearings, sidestepping federal law that guarantees asylum seekers a chance to make their case inside the United States.

Under those new measures, up to 30,000 migrants from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti will be allowed to enter the United States on “parole” each month if they have financial sponsors here and pass background checks. Separately, migrants may schedule appointments to seek asylum at official border crossings via an app called “CBP One” instead of attempting illegal entry.

As many as 30,000 migrants a month will be expelled to Mexico under Title 42 if they cross into the United States illegally or enter Mexico or Panama without authorization, although humanitarian exceptions will be made, officials said.

I don't really see what the Republicans have to bitch about. He seems to be even more resolute on this issue than Trump but will not be separating children from their families and putting them into detention camps.

Immigrants seeking a better life for their families have been crossing the border like a sieve. Border communities can not absorb them and they are making the residents life hell. 

We Americans deserve a secure border and an orderly system for asylum seekers fleeing real repression. But we can not take in every person in Central and South America looking for a new life, sorry. We don't have the capacity, the resources or the responsibility. Not for thousands a day, unrestrained.

If your leader sucks down there, run him or her out of office. Fix your problems at home. Don't become a drain on our system. Unfortunately we can't adopt the whole world. You may not agree with me on this and you have a right to your opinion. I respect that. If you want to adopt an immigrant family, have at it. I can't afford to support one.

Kevin McCarthy, in his first proclamation as House Speaker, highlighted immigration reform as a top priority, saying the Republican-controlled House will hold some of its first hearings of the year at the Southern border.

“No more ignoring this crisis of safety and sovereignty,” he said. “We must secure our border.”

Wonderful posturing Kevin. What do you propose to do differently? Or are you bitching just for the sake of bitching? 

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Anonymous said...

we lock our doors at night and our cars but let our nation be overrun by aliens not vetted , build a wall with a door and open it to people who aren't criminals . We dont need any more entitled non Americans, we have enough already. Maybe the drugs may lessen, but Biden is useless, sorry we are a joke to the world now.