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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Sunday Montezuma Mesa Blues

I ventured down to Viejas Arena in the pouring rain last night to see the San Diego State Aztecs play the New Mexico Lobos. It was raining buckets and driving was difficult, a lot of water on the road and a companion who wanted to teach me how to drive in the rain. Quite exhausting.

We stopped at the old Chicken Pie Shop for a bite first, arrived at the game right before tip-off. 

Four block walk from the garage, I brought a raincoat but my shoes and socks were totally soaked.

Aztecs endured a total beatdown. They feel even more miserable today than I do. The New Mexico backcourt includes two NBA players' kids, Jamal Mashburn and Eddie House and they were really good, especially House.

The refs were terrible, let the center #34 foul offensively on every play and the Aztecs shooters lacked their customary touch.

This team was really overhyped, lacks chemistry and intangibles and Butler makes continual bad decisions. 

 Very frustrating.

The best part of the game was the paraplegic exhibition at halftime for a team of military servicemen. Fun and cool. 

I have had better nights and so have the Aztecs. My goal was to return home alive in this weather. I did, but there were mudslides and trees down on my road. Never know what you are going to get.

The river and creek are both raging today. I will try to take some pictures on the way home. It was hard to pull out of my driveway with the rain swale now cut deep into my driveway. Will have to shovel dirt when I return it I want to get my van back in.

I am doing a show in Mesa this week, the Old West Show. I'm not feeling particularly well and came in early to start packing. You would think that I could find a parking spot on an early Sunday morning, right? But with Yoga next door and Pilates across the street there is hardly ever parking anymore, at any time. Very athletic people but they don't like to park in the free parking lot, too inconvenient.

I got a few things done. Will revisit the packing tomorrow, I have the van unloaded now in a dry window. 

I have started to cook, for the first time in my life. Going home to start a pot roast. Wish me luck.

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