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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Warblers and more

There is a small glade by the dog park here in Fallbrook that seems to be teeming with interesting birds. 

The first time I visited, with birding expert Ken Weaver, I found this Wilson's warbler.

Ken wrote on the yahoo website that he recently saw a Magnolia warbler there in winter plumage.

It was cold, dark and wet yesterday but I had a little time  and decided to once again check out the riparian area.

I didn't see the Magnolia but I did see this pretty Townsend's warbler hanging around in the wild grape.

It was not easy to get shots with the slow lens but I did my best.

It was a very pretty bird. I also saw phainopeplas, western bluebirds, a mockingbird and an olive green warbler. 

I need to make it a point to go back to this spot more often. 

I appreciate Ken showing me in the first place.

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