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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Pony up

I made my first political donation of the cycle today. To Rep. Ruben Gallego, who is running for Kyrsten Sinema's Senate seat in Arizona. Three measly bucks. But every dollar counts. Boot the bimbo.

“The problem isn’t that Senator Sinema abandoned the Democratic Party — it’s that she abandoned Arizona,” Gallego, a Democrat, said in a release. “She’s repeatedly broken her promises, and fought for the interests of big pharma and Wall Street at our expense.”

Donate here.


Anonymous said...

I’m donating $15.00 to Sinema

Blue Heron said...

Sure you are. She hasn't declared for re-election. Sign your post if you want to be an a-hole. It's my sandbox.

Scrota said...

Just donated all my worldly possessions and my right arm to Kyrsten's campaign...wish I had more. It's a sure bet. Gallego is a nobody from nowhere and will wind up third
against La Sinema and whoever wants to waste their time losing from the GOP.

Sinema beat a black running against her in her bid for the congressional seat, then smoked the best the Repubs put up, and again for the Senate. Now she has split the opposition in the rematch. Had real misgivings about a Mamie Van Doren clone ever getting elected to the finest electoral body in the history of the world, but she has triumphed.

Can you say 'cakewalk'?

Barry Goldwater (Moderation in the defense of leopard print is no virtue)