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Friday, January 27, 2023

Tucker Carlson needs to move to Moscow

Tucker Carlson denounced the potential taking back of Crimea from Russia this week. Russian illegally annexed the peninsula in 2014. 

"Now, wait a second," Carlson told the audience. "At the beginning, they said, 'Let's just push back Russia to pre-February 2022 borders.' That seemed kind of reasonable to most people, including us.

"But taking Russian Crimea from Russia?" the host added. "Russia has said many times, and there's every reason to believe them, that would lead to nuclear war. But that's the new plan? Was this voted on? That's truly crazy."

Carlson has repeatedly drawn criticism for his analysis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, seen as sympathetic to Moscow over Kyiv. Earlier this January, a Russian state TV analyst said Carlson would be the "one American we wouldn't want to kill."

The man is completely immoral. One does not have to wonder too much what his stance would have been in World War II regarding Hitler?

It is no wonder that he is a favorite of both Putin and the Russian propaganda press. 

I honestly believe that he is a Russian asset. This is a very dangerous man. One has to wonder why Fox keeps a person so toxic and deluded around?

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Anonymous said...

Because he’s wealthy and he and his buddies side with oligarchs regardless of who suffers.