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Monday, January 9, 2023


This will be a stream of consciousness Monday post, everything but the kitchen sink.  I saw something amazing this morning on the way in. On the high canyon road above the river. Three coyotes surrounding a juvenile bobcat, giving it a hard time. Had the camera right there, could not grab the shot fast enough. Everybody took off. Amazing, in forty years I have never seen an interaction like that before. * I have little thorns all over the house all of a sudden, really sharp, like to pierce the meat of my foot. Couldn't figure them out until I went to the dogpark yesterday. I have been tracking them in after searching for the warblers. Tried to walk into Major Market after a bird shoot yesterday and it felt like I was wearing crampons. *

Hunting and shooting requires a lot of waiting and patience. The old intermittent reward. If you can't handle defeat and getting shut out, well, find a new hobby. Most everything was far away yesterday.
And this Allen's hummingbird was sticking his tongue out at me repeatedly.

I gave it right back to him.


Renee asked me if I had seen the snow on the mountains the other day. I drove up to the airpark to have a look. You have to go up high in this town to see what is really actually pretty close. By the way, the Avo grove by the airpark is one of the most beautiful in town. Who owns it?


What else do I got? Horny dolphins. Man who has intimate relationship with doll says his partner felt threatened and didn't understand. Go figure. Polish Jewish silver horde uncovered. Calling all dictators and deniers. Wonder if Trump, Bolsonaro and Kari Lake will all be rooming together at Mar-a-Lago? From Will; How the MAGA heads stoked the recent tumult in Brazil. * Tongan Lightning from Shawn. Great Todd Rundgren article at the New Yorker.


I grabbed this disturbing screenshot off NextDoor before it was deleted yesterday.

Feel bad for the kid. I had a coach who was a bully once. This one has probably been swept under the rug. Is there another side to the story? * Six year old shoots a teacher in Virginia. NRA will fight for their right to carry. Or arm the rest of the kids, that's got to be the answer. What can stop an armed 6 year old? A five year old with superior firepower.

I sold the Lady Mallet tea set. Gave the family a good deal, they are sending it back to a museum in Panama.


Anonymous said...

Yep, been there had that done also, don't shoot just horse whip!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful Lady Mallet’s tea service is returning to Panama! I enjoyed the history your research discovered about this remarkable woman! ~ L