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Sunday, September 16, 2018

englebert hummerding

It was a good day. Shot a hawk on the way in. Brunch with the three wonderful sisters, Wicki, Jennifer and Mary at the Garden Center. Used to be one of my old hangs, decades ago, and I ran into some old table mates Dave and Sandy. Excellent, thoughtful conversation with the girls at my table. Saw Dominick and Linda too, soon to be new neighbors of mine. Leslie is at a three day music festival, Kaboo, I can't do stuff like that anymore. Allergic to pavement. I got some stuff done at the shop, bought a new smoke detector, processed some pics, cleaned up some loose ends. Stopped at Trupianos for veal parmigiana and had a long talk with Faro. Saw a lovely osprey on the way home, eating something in a tree. Think I got some nice pictures.

All good.

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