Egret and crab

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Early one morning, water was coming in my door...

Hope all the people in Carolina stay safe, warm and dry.

Leslie and I went swimming at Swamis yesterday with Ron. Water was so nice and warm. Been way too long. Woman near us lost her prosthetic leg in the waves. Couldn't climb the stairs, poor thing. The lifeguards came, paddled out, but it was not to be found. Some big sailfish is probably dragging this metal foot to Catalina right now.

I get a Yahoo group email every time a rare bird is seen in the county. We had a rare red footed booby on the Oceanside Pier this week. Unfortunately the crowd near Ruby's was petting the poor booby, generally stressing it out and the humane society had to come rescue it.

Phil Unitt suspects that it has swallowed a fishhook. Hope the poor thing survives. People...

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