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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I saw this Fox headline the other day and had to snicker. Although Obama was far from a perfect President, he enjoyed pretty high favorability ratings with the American public, both while in and out of office.

He inherited a terrible recession from his Republican predecessor and is now being pilloried for not getting us out of it fast enough. That is sort of rich. This particular Fox opinion closed this way:
Obama had his eight years and we know the score: economic stagnation, our enemies abroad gaining strength, and racial acrimony at home. Trump has reversed much of this in stunningly little time, which explains the particularly bitter tone of this swan song from a failed former president.
This regurgitates what is now a favorite theme amongst conservatives, that our first black or multiracial president is responsible for the racial acrimony that we still experience in America. Because we supposedly live in a post racial world. That is a laughable proposition. Obama wasn't President two weeks when the emails started to come around where he is depicted as a Zulu witch doctor with a bone through his nose eating watermelon on the White House lawn.
All of this comes after eight years of identity politics, political correctness and the accentuation of racial grievances by our political class. That is the true tragedy of Obama: he could have finally buried the ghosts of racial inequality in our nation. Instead, he fanned the flames of racial grievance for partisan political gain. He still does so, as do effectively all progressives.

I never really understood the venom and vitriol pointed at Hillary but now I think I finally do. It was really directed at Barack but with conservatives fearing publicly attacking a black man, she was an easier target by proxy.  Less blowback to pick on a woman.

Wrong. GDP was 5.4% in 2006 while unemployment was 4.7%. GDP was 4.2% during Obama's second term. Since Trump took office, the country has added 3.58 million jobs, short of the 3.96 million jobs that were added in the final 19 months of Obama's presidency. The U.S. is now its 10th year of economic growth, and in its longest period of growth with 95 straight months of job creation. This recovery seriously predates the tenure of the orange one.

(to be continued.)

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Sanoguy said...

“Fanned Racial grievances.” They have to be kidding.... look at Trump leading the Birther movement. The motivation for that whole thing was blatantly racist. Trump lead that charge. He even sent detectives to Hawaii to find out the real truth. That’s funny... we haven’t heard from them! Must have been caught up in the big surf!