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Saturday, September 15, 2018

True crime

World is definitely on tilt. The woman who wrote the book "The Wrong Husband" and the blogpost "How to murder your husband" has been charged with, you guessed it, murdering her husband.

wrong never felt so right?
Horrible on a human level but sort of poetic, in a sick kind of way. Nancy Crampton Brophy advised against using poison or a hitman in her essay, she apparently went with good old fashioned lead in the murder of her hubby, chef Daniel Brophy.

You would think a romance/whodunit writer could be a tad more creative but this is the dull new world we live in. Why be ordinary? Bash him over the head with a capon or a brass candlestick or something. Bullets are so common.

All joking aside, Nancy's blog Virgin pages, schizophrenia and a wastebasket, a writer's life is actually pretty cool. I found this pithy quote;

Be careful what you wish for, when the gods are truly angry, they grant us our wishes.  

Hmmm. Methinks she had issues. But really, let's face it, who doesn't? She writes books about the wrong person, wrong boy, wrong seal, wrong cop, wrong hero, wrong lover. Couldn't get it right, I'm afraid. 

I am sorry that she spun out this bad, she sounds like a truly troubled soul. This is how she expresses her philosophy; 

My stories are about pretty men and strong women, about families that don’t always work and about the joy of finding love and the difficulty of making it stay. 

Well Nancy, you definitely don't have to worry about that last part any longer.

In other crime stories today, a gang of killers dressed like mariachis started mowing innocent people down in the street in Mexico City. World is upside down. 

I can see one guy going off but a coordinated team of mariachis sounds like something from Batman. Or one of my favorite cult movies, The Warriors. Syncopated clown killers.

A couple women back east who dressed up as nuns were just convicted for a bank robbing spree. People are certainly getting really creative. Who doesn't get at least mildly titillated at the thought of hot nuns with automatic weapons?

And we have a Border Patrol supervisor on the southern who sidelines as a serial killer. Really, who needs a wall?


The idyllic Scottish isle of Gigha just experienced its first reported crime in over twenty years, a burglary. The island residents don't even lock their doors. I hope they can go another twenty without a reprise. Last sane corner of the world.

World renowned funny guy and current shmatta salesman Barry Freidman's interview is now live on Art Dealer Diaries. You will laugh, you will cry, you will reach for a bromo.

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