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Sunday, September 16, 2018


I am not a big fan of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. I disagree with his judicial philosophy at almost every turn.

 I think he is a shill for the executive branch, dangerous for the environment, on a shotgun course to tear down reproductive rights for women in this country.

But the fact that he may have acted like a drunken, testosterone addled twerp once in high school. And attempted to grope a woman. Horrors.

Give me a break. 

I can think of one similar instance in my history that if disclosed, wouldn't allow me to get elected as a dogcatcher. Am I proud of it? No. But are horny, drunken seventeen year old dudes in high school going to do everything they can to score, short of physical rape?

Unfortunately, yes.

It is called male biology.  And the dirty little secret is that some women even like to be physically pursued. Goes back to being dragged into the cave, I'll bet. Most high school girls know very well how to fend off these clumsy advances. It usually goes no farther. If it does, there is a real problem. I don't believe his did.

So please spare me the puritanical sanctimony. I am far more worried about the fact that he may have perjured himself on the Pryor testimony, his receiving stolen documents from Manuel Miranda, the Schiavo phone call, the stuff he did after high school.


Jon Harwood said...

A couple of thoughts on the episode. The incident as describes was indeed attempted rape, a felony most everywhere thats a very serious allegation that deserves exploration. The second thought is that it is important in my view for males to listen to what women are saying about the issues. These things are really volatile but I think we have to hear women out prior to getting defensive or evaluative.

Now regarding the coming coming s**t storm, I think we can expect both sides to screw everything up with hysteria ruling the process and everyone screaming over everyone else. God Save the United States.

I do think that a 17 year old kid deserves some consideration for not having a fully developed brain and all, but I don't think that this consideration automatically extends to the level of giving a free pass on a nomination to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh appears to have gotten away without any consequences for the alleged incident. Having to live through the histrionics that are about to occur might just be Karma for his alleged youthful escape.

Blue Heron said...

He allegedly tried to get her blouse off and ground his body into hers. Yawn...

Jon Harwood said...

The effect on the girl was more distressing than a yawn.

Jon Harwood said...

Oh well, at least we are trying to discuss this rationally. Stay tuned. Tomorrow all attempts at rational discourse will swatted aside by a Mighty Bullshit Hurricane accentuated by inflamatory tweets that will raise the storm strength to Category 7.

Blue Heron said...

Bathing suit, not blouse, excuse me.

Sanoguy said...

I can actually excuse his youthful mistake. At this point, however, if he is believed to have lied about the episode, he should not be on the Court.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

You know Robert, I am to at all surprised at your take on this. You claim to be for women's rights and all, but when you get down to the real core of what's acceptable and what isn't, you are not really a champ for women. Furthermore the guy is probably guilty, he is scared to death, he's been at the White House two days in a row, trying to save face and whatever else. The point is, he's a liar about other issues why not this one? The state of Maryland has no finite date on sexual assault, which means he could still be charged after all these years.... Again he is a liar, so this could just be another lie... Is that ok?

Blue Heron said...

I would rather not be a hypocrite in this instance. Judge me as thou wilt. As I delve further into the issue it does seem like Brett and his pal Mike both had a habit of being very bad boys. But there is a legal presumption of innocence and I don't know how you get to the nexus point of "probably guilty." Of what, attempted rape? Did he ever do anything but grope? Did he drop trou? No, the acknowledged m.o. of his group was heavy petting. A clumsy, drunken, horny 17 year old. Of course new facts are bound to come out and in the end you may be absolutely correct with your take. She was obviously a quite fragile fifteen year old who had the misfortune of being at the wrong party, but she can't remember exactly which one. Interesting.