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Friday, September 28, 2018

Beer talk

Having grown up in a family with an alcoholic step father and a mom with addiction issues of her own, I have always tread lightly around alcohol. Children caught up in the jetstream of alcoholics often end up collaterally damaged. I know I was.

I rarely drink. I am not that comfortable in bars. I relate to Senator Klobuchar, another child of an alcoholic. Having seen the worst and been on the wrong end of the equation, drinking scares us.

This nominee says that he doesn't have a drinking problem. His demeanor, defensive denials and possible actions seem to intimate that he does. Many of his old classmates think he had one too. May have just been a bad run for the guy this week, uncomfortable with being judged after a lifetime of judging. But his tone and bombastic attitude were startling.

I have to wonder how the President really viewed Kavanaugh's hearing? Trump's brother Freddy was a drunk, died from alcoholism at 43. The president never drank, having seen the horrible impact on his family. Guess it is okay to have a lush on the court, after all Chief Justice Rehnquist reportedly was addicted to the sedative Placidyl for much of his tenure on the bench and things didn't go all that bad.

I often disagree with Chief Justice John Roberts decisions but I respect the dignity and manner with which he does his job. Kavanaugh's partisan rhetoric, unfounded accusations, lack of respect and petulant anger make him wholly unfit for the bench.

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Sanoguy said...

I agree 100% with your comings about Kavanaugh... unfit for the bench, ill-tempered, petulant, privileged... when he threw in the comment about the Clinton's he exposed himself as a right wing political hack.