Egret and crab

Monday, September 24, 2018

Got to travel on.

Above the Shoshone River
I don't post a lot of sunset shots, they're a little too easy.

But when I put one up on Google + it is usually like giving candy to a kid, people just eat them up.

I put this one on my blog because it looks like I may very well be in the Rockies very soon, a short, cheap wander through the promised land in search of mental health and visual booty. Have to remember to get the bear spray.

It is a tough time and there is never a good time and I was still wavering about what to do. Should I go or stay? Leslie and I threw the trusty i ching yesterday afternoon and I got back this changing line.

Leave, go out and far away. Sort of seals the deal. Pretty emphatic. I'm goneExpect pictures.

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Sanoguy said...

Fly on, dear boy.... fly on!