Raven at San Jacinto

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Nothing doing.

I had the Nikon D850 on the front seat with the large and fast 400mm prime this morning and saw this red tailed hawk on his familiar perch across from Tinker's transient quarters. I estimate that he was 60 to 80 yards away. Because of the camera's uncanny resolution I was able to get something out of the crop. This would have been impossible with the longer zoom.

Here is a slightly more cropped version that did have some processing. Almost unusable because of the extreme distance to my subject.

Click on the picture for a closeup and look closely at his eye and you will notice the bird's nicitating membrane.

Both the original hawk and the hummingbird picture at left share one thing in common. They are completely untouched, unaltered in any way in post production besides what Lightroom does inherently.

No sharpness, noise reduction, exposure, saturation, color vibrance, clarity, shadow reduction, nothing.


My new thing, leave well enough alone. Photographers need to pretend that they are doctors in post-production - first do no harm.

In the interest of honesty and full disclosure I did slightly tweak this lovely scrub jay. She hasn't complained.

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