Egret and crab

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Our buddy Nick came down and serenaded us at breakfast at the coffee shop with an impromptu mandolin concert. His studio is upstairs in the old Packing House building next door.

Nick, aka B.K. Nicholson,is an outstanding bluegrass player and frontman and lead vocalist for the excellent band Desperado as well as a band called High Mountain Road. Check the performances out on YouTube.

I really don't know Nick as well as I should. I know that he is originally from Philly and that he has an encyclopedic knowledge of football and music. Knows his bible too. Really good guy. Great player, great voice. Kind, with an easy laugh.

I put the old and fast 55mm 1.2 film lens on the Nikon yesterday and shot these portraits with it this morning.

It is funny, the pics look so good straight out of the camera that they don't want  to be altered in any way. Not perfect mind you, but good enough and they all seem to cry out "don't touch me." So I didn't.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Robert!

Great pics, and very kind words...your check is in the mail!