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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Another brick in the wall

More evidence that the big bad antifa bogeyman is bullshit. But it makes a convenient strawman, doesn't it? And the administration will knowingly peddle lies about it when it fits their purpose. Like antifa caching bricks.

Defund the police departments? I don't think so. Cops are just awful and terrible people, until you need one that is. I am not going to go off right now, don't have it in me, but I have been both beaten senseless by a cop and also possibly had my life saved by one and look forward to offering you my perspective on the subject when I catch a breath. Not quite ready for the inmates to run the asylum.


Valerie Tate said...

More like the white supremacists stirring up and contributing to the violence. Antifa is a convenient scapegoat to those who won't dig further to find the truth!

Blue Heron said...

Wouldn't surprise me to find out that much of the mayhem attributed to antifa is actually promulgated by White supremacists.


Jon Harwood said...

One thing that people miss about antifa is that they disrupt fascist gatherings, there weren't a lot of fascist gatherings to disrupt lately. The other thing is that antifa is not an organization as much as an idea that some radicals cluster around. So you don't find antifa commanders, etc.

Blue Heron said...

Right, it is more of an ideology than a monolithic organization. No secret handshake.