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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Saturday's child works hard for his living

Lynne sent this nice photographic silhouette of her hummingbird feeding its child.

You know a few weeks ago when the whole covid bleach remedy was suggested by our fearless leader, I mused that even Americans were not dumb enough to try it. Drink bleach? Come on.

I was wrong.

Lucien Truscott IV has an interesting piece today,  We are witnessing the birth of a movement — and the downfall of a president.

Two points, when Esper, Kelly, Milley, Dempsey, Mattis, well, practically every four star or higher in the country is signaling that you are on the wrong road, perhaps you should listen? But we all know that he never will.

And those of us who have been wringing our hands about the vapid materialism, self absorption and basic incompetence of the younger generation might have to change our tune. This sure seems like a real live genuine political awakening to me. And this djinn is not going back in the bottle.

Prize for most cynical and despicable graph goes once again to Fox News for this matrix comparing stock market indices after black people get killed.

The President wins some kind of tone deaf award for his opportunistic remarks yesterday regarding the economy and the late George Floyd.

"This is a great day for him. It's a great day for everybody," Trump said.

He's dead. How great a day could it be?

Big George Floyd paddle out.

And a nice story to end it with.

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Jon Harwood said...

It is so early and I don't want to project my hopes onto it. I see a really broad pattern to the emergence of this movement. People have had to listen to Trump's denigration and hostility for three years now. Trump actively works to split the country at a time when support and healing of some sort is drastically called for. The people out demonstrating, especially since the violence let up, are out there creating the unifying and healing process without the blonde haired leader. Mattis said we can unify without "him" and that is what is happening, just as the states dealt with the pandemic while Trump thrashed around and preened. The strength of our civil society may well show its power without and in spite of Trump's divisiveness. I think it is really significant that a big segment of the public is demanding change in police tactics and overall culture while Trump hides in the "palace" unable to address the people.

Of course the euphoria and sense of victory will be very brief and more divisiveness and rage will spew from the White House to energize those who have been hypnotized by such displays. This is one of a series of events that will need to take place to effect change--someday--hopefully.

Meanwhile the young generation stood up and acted effectively in a way that I, like Robert, never expected. We may yet lose the republic, but it looks a little better today than it did a short while ago.