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Monday, June 29, 2020

Bad company

“Stay cool is the netiquette rule, if flamed. Responding is for a fool. NetworkEtiquette.net”
― David Chiles, The Principles Of Netiquette

You know, I have friends from across the political spectrum that read this blog and that is the way it should be. I want everybody to be comfortable here, regardless of our ideological differences.  There is an unspoken general agreement that we are free to hash out our differences civilly. Some of you prefer to look at the pictures and listen to the music, that is alright too.

Fillmore and I have never agreed on anything besides the Los Angeles Lakers and I pretty much publish all of his comments in their entirety. Because I appreciate that he has a right to his divergent opinion as I have a right to mine. Censored him one time I think and we both laughed about it afterwards because he knew he was clearly over the line.

He is not hateful or malicious. And happens to be very intelligent. So I appreciate his counterbalance to my thinking, as puerile and juvenile as he often says and writes that I am. My word is not infallible of course, nor is it sacrosanct, it is merely my opinion.

The first rule of the internet is to not feed the trolls. If you give them air they win. So I don't usually feed mine. I only have one, a quite nasty person. Last year he wrote me that I got and deserved my cancer because of my left wing politics. Other below the belt things of that sort. I figured if I deleted his vile posts he would eventually slink away.  Always hateful, he not only attacks me but he also attacks the other commenters on the blog regularly. And he purports to be a good Christian man. God help us.

When I open my comments moderation page I hate to see his fetid brand of offal in my inbox. Even though it is anonymous, his angry tone is always unmistakable, and I quickly delete his hate filled offerings. He tees off on me regularly like a piñata and I can't swing back.

Here are two from yesterday:

Honestly I find it unfair that a troll can come into my literary world uninvited and infect it with his toxic palaver without any consequence. You may not like what I say and I am sure that often you don't, but I have the balls to sign my name every time and you always know where it is coming from. I take ownership. And you do too.

Trolls can be big armchair tough guy warriors and they never take responsibility for anything. Parasitic free loaders really. Uninvited leeches. Bad company. This one is obviously obsessed with me and has self appointed himself as my moral conscience. No thank you. Do me a favor, seek like minded company, asshole, and leave me alone. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, I only ask that they sign their name.

I wish he would go away but it is clear that he won't. So I have a decision to make. I can stop anonymous commenting on the blog altogether. Commenters will then have to have a Google account to contribute and comment. Or you could send your comments by email to me for me to post although that will be cumbersome. Or I continue to delete him with unfortunate regularity and get an upset stomach.

I asked Big Dave for advice yesterday and he suggested asking another blogger what they do in this situation? But I don't know any really besides Roy. It is my thirteenth year writing and I am now once again a dinosaur on a dying medium.

I'm a bit torn here. What do you think I should do?


Anonymous said...

Tell him to grow some balls and quit hiding behind his mommy's skirt and announce who he is.

He is a soulless, idiot. Scared to say who he is.

Come on hard to him and tell him what a baby he is, and other things.

Fuck him...lets set up a meet and we'll take him bird watching.

See if he has any balls. Fuck him and ride him hard.


Roy Jhciacb Cohen said...

Whatever you decide, I’ll continue reading when time permits. That said, every time I see the ugliness of man stare me in the eyes, it’s a good reminder of not to be, and a good reminder for me to be glad I am who I am. Not sure if that makes sense…

Wicki said...

Bad Comoany will be able to find a way in no matter what approach you take. Too bad you canʻt block or oause him. I say take a deep breath and delete.

Julie Reeder said...

Robert, that's the reason Village News doesn't take anonymous letters. People are especially vile and rude when they are hiding behind anonymity. And I've gone to church for about 40 years and I've never run across someone as mean and rude as that, honestly. I'm thinking he's just trying to make Christians look bad too. As humans, we don't need anyone to help us. We have our own issues. I would just block all anonymous posts. Really unbelievable honestly. You don't need people like that.

Kerr A. Lott said...

Mr. Anonymous is a coward, don't let him get under your skin. Your'e doing exactly what that asshole wants when you react to his anonymous whining.

If he had any balls, which he obviously doesn't, he wouldn't be incognito.

I remember you told me a while back that you know who he might be. It would be so great if you found out who that scumbag is.

If you're reading this Mr. Anonymous, why don't you man up and say who you are ? I think it's because you're afraid, you're a chicken.

Jon Harwood said...

How about a month trial period with no anonymous posts?

Wilbur Norman said...

Can you not simply put a block on his chicken-shit emails to you?

I always sign my Comments but is there no way to have Comments w/o a Google Account?

Yeh, I always figure Anonymous equals Personal Coward when the content is nasty!

Blue Heron said...

Not a bad idea Jon. No Wilbur, he purposefully comes in on the anonymous portal. Some people won't do the Google thing so this is their only access and unfortunately we get the treif as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,
Seeing the wall finds from Michael L, I immediately flashed to the knot hole in the tree from To Kill A Mockingbird where Scout and her brother would find little things placed there by Bo. Bet these were placed there to hide from a sibling.
Re the unemployed bigot: I agree, don’t water that plant; delete and go about your day. His soul is being consumed by the acid in his brain. You know he has no friends or family and this is his only outlet for his vile and shriveled life.

Kent said...

Stop taking anonymous posts.

Ken Seals said...

Give him some love. His head will blow up over that :-)

aferda said...

I have very recently begun to unfriend some people on Facebook. I do this not because someone disagrees with me, but because I no longer want to tolerate populist argumentation in my house. My Facebook page for me, like your blog for you, is my home. As the owner I have a right to throw anyone out for any reason. So if you want to say racist crap, talk about fake media, or tell me that you don't need to read an article that I post before commenting on its content, I will boot you out. I don't have time for that type of nonsense.

You know how you can never win arguments with a radio host, because he can just turn off your mike? Same thing here. This is your show and you can always have the last word.

I do like the idea of not allowing anonymous comments. That was what made Google Plus so great!

Martin said...

Methinks he's basically insane and wants attention, and/or is persisting 'cause he wants to get a rise out of you - which he has. But who really knows what motivates people such as this. I say, let him spew but don't read it and just delete it. Or save it and send it back?


Liz said...

Go with known users. Btw,through the past 60 years I have only occasionally disagreed with you over non sibling matters.

Anonymous said...

I like anonymous posts think we should keep them. You will always have poop on even the nicest lawn. Jeff barney

Anonymous said...

I would have to get a google account to comment, which I currently don't have. Not a big deal, I'm a recent reader and could do that. I really enjoy your posts, your point of view, your fantabulous bird photos and appreciate that you've lived in SD county much longer than I. I say do what's easy and pleasing for you. At my stage of life, similar to yours, that's what I find myself doing a lot. Life, by this time, really is too short to put up with a sicko hanging around.