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Friday, June 12, 2020

Swat teams nab dangerous hippie jugglers

Red nosed and red handed in Columbus, Ohio. Turn over your balls, hoops and clubs. Step away from the school bus. Is that patchouli I'm smelling?  Rubio Adds to Viral Freak Out Over Hippie Jugglers Mistaken for Antifa Invaders.
“The ‘weapons’ that were found are tools. Axes for my wood stove, knives for cooking, etc. … The ‘riot gear’ was literally a child’s shoulder pads, elbow, and knee pads for sports.” Another member of the troupe chimed in: “Yeah, there’s a hatchet on the bus — with a bunch of wood sitting next to a wood-burning stove. Well, duh. The rocks were crystals and fossils. They emptied out a knife block [from the kitchen area] and said they found a meat cleaver.”
I certainly hope that middle America can sleep better tonight with these tie dyed desperados off the street. To think that I was once in league with this miscreant airborne commie menace!

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island guy said...

White conservative America has very good reasons to suspect that all those Others are having a lot more fun than they are.